All roads lead to Rome, but it’s a straight shot from Debrecen to Józsa…

The establishment located in the heart of Józsa, a suburb of Debrecen, following Highway 35 at the beginning of Józsa, on the right side - along the road from Debrecen to Hajdúböszörmény - is a particularly special and perfectly accessible place. It’s not us saying this about ourselves, but rather our guests, who are enchanted by the perfect harmony of the palpable, centuries-old historical atmosphere and the requirements of the present day. Our inn, with a past going back to the 18th century that today still evokes a vibrant history, offers a rich and varied selection that satisfies every need in an authentic atmosphere that preserves the original character of the inn. The present-day restaurant conjures the characteristic atmosphere of the inns of the past with the responsible, thoughtful leadership of László Teleki - who rose from operator to owner in 2018 - in a renewed environment, with home-cooked dishes and Hungarian flavours for all guests, old and new!

We welcome all our regular guests, as well as new guests who are enthusiastic about the historical atmosphere and traditional Hungarian dishes! We are at an easily accessible location with private parking, and we also accept card payments.